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Ryder Slyder Slugplug | Co2 Storage System

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The Ryder Slyder Slugplug/Co2 Storage System fits easily on to your bike through your standard water bottle mounting holes. The dual clamping system secures the cylinder within the sleeve on the base. The sleeve which holds each cylinder is removable and protects your hands from freeze burning when in use. The slugplug sleeve functions the same way.

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Product Features

  • Two eyelet sizes: can be preloaded with two different size slugs
  • Yellow C- CLIP ensures that the slug does not stick to the sides of the protective cap
  • Seals tightly to keep dust and debris out, preventing slug contamination
  • Optimized needle length with plug catcher
  • Ideal for “snake bite” punctures
  • Presta Valve Core remover
  • Ready to use and fully protected from the elements
  • Includes a Slugbox with 5 x 1.5mm and 5 x 3.5mm slugs


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Free shipping on orders over R2,000.

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